The Chicago Committee on High Rise Buildings (CCHRB) is not-for-profit organization founded to investigate problems or enhancements; support research and disseminate information for economic design; construction; operation and rehabilitation of high rise buildings. Its members are experienced and skilled in the design, construction and operation of high rise buildings. The original members of the CCHRB met in 1968 and proposed the formation of the organization. The CCHRB was formally established on May 6, 1969, making it the first organization in the world established to specifically advance knowledge of high rise buildings.

The Committee consists of about 80 members including architects; engineers (structural, geo-technical, M/P/FP/E and others); specialty consultants (elevator, acoustics, fire protection/life safety, cladding and others) building owners and building managers; general contractors; specialty contractors; representatives of professional organizations; and members of the legal profession. The Commissioner of Buildings, and the Deputy Commissioner/Bureau of Fire Prevention of the City of Chicago participate as ex-offico members.

The Chicago Committee on High Rise Buildings (CCHRB) is an Affiliated Organization of the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (CTBUH). The main function of this affiliation is to establish a two-way communication system for the transmittal of information and the exchange of ideas.

Endorsements and Opinions by the Committee: 
As noted in the Constitution of the Committee, CCHRB does not endorse nor recommend any scientific or engineered product, except in the interest of the public or the profession. The opinion (rather than approval or endorsement) of the Committee may be expressed on such subjects, consistent with the objectives of the Committee as it pertains to the public health, safety and welfare. 

Trump International Hotel & Tower
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Chicago Committee on High Rise Buildings
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